December 24, 2012

Larry Young Contrasts: A Funky Post Bop Vibe

Larry Young was one of the best organists, and one of the few that didn't sound like Jimmy Smith or Richard Groove Holmes.

Young didn't stick with the tried and true formula of soul jazz & funky beats.

Contrasts features a couple of rarely heard, yet more than competent tenor men Herbert Morgan and Tyrone Washington.

Contrasts from 1967 is unusual in that I get this post bop mixed with funk vibe, with a touch of Latin rhythm.

 The opening track "Majestic Soul" features a bogaloo droned beat with congas played by Stacey Young, the track really does have a funky vibe, but would not bore the modern jazz aficionado.

Contrasts in its entirety is much like that opening track, with its post bop foundation, yet it does have this underlying current of R&B or funk that is right there swirling around the music.

Tenor Saxophonist Tyrone Washington should also get a special mention here, he is always stellar on the few sessions he played on, including his only Blue Note session as a leader Natural Essence.

Larry and his Wife Althea also do a duet "Wild is the Wind" works quite well, and actually is better than you might think. In fact, it turned out to be a real special surprise on this fantastic album. Enjoy that below.

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